Antonella Pal protagonista di Maker Mondays

La settimana è iniziata davvero alla grande, infatti ieri è uscita una mia intervista come protagonista del Maker Mondays di Guidecentral!

Non conoscete Guidecentral? Ahi, dovete rimediare immediatamente. Guidecentral è una piattaforma nata per i maker che vogliono condividere i propri tutorial con la comunità. Se sei un crafter basta iscriverti al sito e in pochi secondi puoi iniziare a pubblicare le tue guide. Inoltre il sito riconosce un piccolo contributo economico per ogni like ricevuto e se pubblicate le guide in inglese avrete un contributo fisso per ogni tutorial al momento della pubblicazione. Io l’ho scoperta qualche tempo fa e me ne sono innamorata, perché come già saprete io adoro fare tutorial. Certo, la piattaforma in inglese funziona molto bene, per quella in italiano c’è da lavorare perché è ancora poco conosciuta ma io sono convinta che presto spopolerà anche qui. Inoltre Guicentral è un app che potete scaricare gratuitamente sui vostri dispositivi mobili, per cercare idee creative sempre e ovunque.

Il mio profilo Guidecentral lo trovate qui

Ora vi ripropongo la mia intervista. Buona lettura!

Maker Mondays: Meet Antonella Pal

Catherine Snyder 

antonella pal

We’re thrilled to introduce you to this week’s featured maker,Antonella Pal from Abruzzo, Italy! A self-proclaimed “compulsive crafter”, Antonella is constantly making – mastering a new techniques, creating projects for her site, Pal, filling custom orders, and organizing workshops for other crafters. Antonella’s days are full of creativity and we’re so glad she finds time to share her work with us on Guidecentral, too! But enough from us – read on to to hear more about Antonella.

Hello! My name is Antonella Pal and define myself a compulsive crafter, in fact not a day goes by that I have not sewn anything, knitted, drawn, painted or made a cake. I have a degree in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts, a dog that I love so much, a husband and a turtle.

I live in Italy, in a small town in Abruzzo. In my house/studio surrounded by countryside, I make my creations and my creative tutorials.

antonella pal

I know several creative techniques, including painting, that I have improved over the years of study at the Academy of Fine Arts. After the course of Decoration, I got to learn different techniques of painting and also sculpture, notably developing my manual skills. I learned to knit and all of the crochet techniques from my grandmother, while embroidery and sewing are the result of many mistakes made in the various attempts. I like to use old techniques with a modern taste and apply them to my creations, doing a combination of techniques and styles.

plastic bottle earrings

For me, the crafting is not only a passion, but also a job; then it plays a very important role in my life. My brand (Pal) is dedicated to dreamers and represents my production of textile creations, looking funny and ironic, which are meant to bring joy to those who adopt them. My days are spent between orders to follow, picture to be taken, creations to be finished, workshops to be organized, tutorials to do and posts to be published. I could not ask for more!
antonella pal

My first passion is painting, the second is sewing, which I discovered only a few years ago. I love to knit and to crochet, and photography. Let’s say that I’m in love with everything that is creative and I love to discover new techniques that allow me to express myself and create new things.

antonella pal

What is the best craft you’ve ever made?

It ‘s hard to decide what is my best work because I am fond of all my creations. I dedicate so much care, love and hours and hours of work that is impossible not to love them in the end. In the recent months, I’ve been working on the creation of a series of puppets that I find great because they represent me a lot. They are soft puppets made from fabrics, recycled or salvaged from old clothing, purchased in vintage markets. They look funny and grotesque, two buttons for eyes, a heart-shaped mouth and some sewing, which is the nose. I find them adorable!

recycled textile puppets

Tell us a story!

Last September, I was lucky to be selected to participate as a crafter in “Week Hand”, a festival dedicated to handmade creations with the exposure of 50-makers from all over Italy and many creative workshops, from embroidery to gardening, both for children and adults. It created a great atmosphere, happy and joyful that I still carry inside.

photo telltale design

What craft materials could you not live without?

In my craft room, I have all kind of fabrics, wool balls, knitting, crochet, vintage buttons, paints and brushes, colored pencils, etc.

antonella pal

My guides on Guidecentral are simple and creative. In fact, I think it’s the idea that counts rather than the construction technique. Often, they are based on the theme of recycling because it is important for me to take care of the environment. Seeing, for example, an old glass jar of preserves that turns into a “lamp of fireflies” excites me.

diy fireflies in a jar

My house is always full of rolls of toilet paper, plastic bottles and tin cans ready to be converted into something else. I love making tutorials because it is essential to put your skills to the service of others.

I discovered Guidecentral a few months and I was thrilled. Before posting tutorials on Guidecentral, I used to publish them on my blog and on my social profiles, but having the chance to publish them on a website that is completely dedicated to crafting is amazing. Guidecentral also gives the opportunity to makers to earn with their guides and create connections with many other talented creators. And in this business, networking is really important.

 La mia intervista per il Maker Mondays la trovate qui

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